Froggy (dafwarg) wrote in swancon,

Tin Duck Awards Voting Now Open

It's time to vote for the nominations for this year's Tin Duck Awards. You can download the ballot paper from here.

Completed ballots may be mailed to:

Tin Duck Committee
PO Box 367
Nedlands WA 6909

Posted ballots must be postmarked no later than 3rd April 2007. Alternatively, completed ballots may be placed in the ballot box in the Registration Area of the Convention before 5pm, Saturday 7th April 2007.

Voting is open to full or attending members of SwanCon 2007. Voting is by Optional Preferential Voting. Mark as many boxes, as you wish in each category, in the order of your preference.

The Tin Duck Committee reserves the right to make further decision on the validity of nominees. Ballot forms must be clearly signed by the voter. Forms that are not signed may be deemed invalid. One ballot form is allowed per person.

Get voting!
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