Stephen Dedman (stephen_dedman) wrote in swancon,
Stephen Dedman

Tin Ducks

chaosmanor has asked me to put together a list of short fiction eligible for the Tin Duck awards. I started looking through this list for the work of Western Australians, and soon decided there had to be an easier way.

So. This is a call for everyone with work eligible for the 2006 Tin Ducks to list it here, in the comments, and to please pass this message on to those who aren't on livejournal.

The categories are:

- Best WA Professional Long Written Work
- Best WA Professional Short Written Work
- Best WA Professional Art Work
- Best WA Professional Production (any medium)
- Best WA Unpaid or Fan Written Work
- Best WA Unpaid or Fan Art Work
- Best WA Unpaid or Fan Production (any medium)

Email your nominations to
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