huckle (huckle) wrote in swancon,

Thankyou, swancon community

My daughter has been attending swancon since she was far she's clocked up 10 years.
Yesterday, she received an offer of a place in a gifted and talented visual arts program at one of the two completely selective schools in Perth. Its quite a big deal for her future academic/artistic self. I don't think that this would have happened without the support of the swancon community.
She draws dragons. Thanks to swancon, she's tediously obsessed with dragons. She's won the kids art show prize for about six years in a row. She takes it very seriously, practicing drawing dragons all year for the art show. Her dragon drawing practice has led her to develop skills in shading, perspective, proportion, sketching, imagination and so on. The portfolio we took to the interview at the school was her dragon drawings for swancon.

So, we are very grateful to the swancon community for supporting her, voting for her drawings and generally being positive about her art. Thankyou you all for your kindness. Thankyou for your gift of support and validation.

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