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Membership Price Rise

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that membership prices go up on Monday; buy yours by Sunday to get it at the current $180 full / $130 concession prices.

If you've never been a full member at Swancon before, then we have three special deals going until July 1st.
  • First, you can get your full membership at the discounted price of $150 full, $95 concession.
  • Second, you can layby a full membership for only $25 full or $20 concession.
  • Third, anyone who laybys a first time full membership ticket before July 1st will go into the draw to win the rest of the ticket for free! Yes, you could win your full first time Swancon membership for only $25 full or $20 concession!

Memberships (and first time full member laybys) can be purchased from our website (


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