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WASFF Values Statement

Greetings all,

Out of the last AGM came a directive for WASFF to create a values statement. It's important that this community input, so for the next month or so, I'll have this discussion here for comments, suggestions and discussion on the document. Please remember to consider that your view should take into account the community as a whole, and not focus on personal preference.

I'll be pointing to this post from several places including the Swancon list. Please feel free to circulate it throughout your networks so that all WASFF/Swancon community members can participate. Anonymous posting is enabled, and people can also respond using OpenID. I request that if you post anonymously that you include your name or online name, posts that don't respect this may be removed at my discretion if they detract from the discussion.

In particular please circulate to those who don't come across livejournal very often (or at all), or those who don't spend much time on the internet. If there are a number of people who would prefer to discuss this in person I'm willing to do a face to face gathering.

After consultation with the community the document will be finalised by the WASFF Board and presented at the AGM at Swancon 2010.


WASFF is committed to:

Speculation: The summary of WASFF’s objectives is that we encourage and support the promotion and growth of speculation in all mediums in our community. When we say ‘speculation’ we mean the entire umbrella of science fiction, fantasy, horror and related genres and sub-genres across the various mediums.

Valuing Diversity: We value all fans of any race, gender, culture, sexual identity, or ability. We are an inclusive community and seek to welcome people.

Respect: We believe in respect for others, including that WASFF events should be safe for all participants. We appreciate the various opinions, experiences and positions of our community and believe that all individuals at WASFF events should engage with one another with goodwill.

Privacy: We will provide you with tools to make choices about your privacy, and respect those choices at all times. We will never sell or trade your private data. Membership details are under limited circumstances shared with third parties as required by the constitution.

Transparency: We believe that you should know why we make the decisions we make. We will explain our reasoning as much as possible. We will always err on the side of providing more information, rather than less, whenever possible.

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